• Agave scrub (30 min)
    $850.00 M.N

    After enjoying a magnificent day in the sun, replenish your skin's natural moisture using the hydrating properties found in Agave. This treatment calms, softens and helps rehydrate your skin while restoring its elasticity.

  • Choco-Coco Exfoliation (30 min)
    $850.00 M.N

    Spoil your body with this exotic scrub containing chocolate and mint, a magnificent scrub that will help to restore your skin's vitality and softness while stimulating blood-flow to boost energy.

  • Coffee Ritual (80 min)
    $195.00 M.N

    The treatment begins with a fresh exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and increases circulation. Next is a body wrap with coffee and seaweed extracts. To seal the treatment, enjoy an application of a delightful and aromatic jasmine lotion, or relax with an invigorating massage with essential oils that in sure to renew your spirit.