• Swedish Massage (50 min)
    $1400.00 M.N

    Classic treatment that uses gentle muscle massage techniques paired with carefully chosen oils. A sudden sense of renewal will overtake your body as your circulation and flexibility return to their ideal states. This is the perfect treatment for those looking for relaxation that can be felt throughout the entire body.

  • Four-Hand Fusion (50 min)
    $2080.00 M.N

    The healing power of the hands is a practice that has been in use since the beginning of human civilization. In this treatment, two massage therapists perform various deep tissue techniques in perfect synchronization as you feel yourself sink into a truly sublime state of relaxation. The synergy of the two therapists working in unison elevates you to a level of spiritual relaxation that simply cannot be achieved with more traditional techniques.

  • Magic of India (50 min)
    $1400.00 M.N

    Ancient Indian culture considered massage to be a key element in maintaining physical and spiritual well-being because of its ability to restore the balance between mind and body. This treatment uses cottonseed oil infused with nutmeg essential oils to improve circulation and boost energy during the session. You will leave the session feeling revitalized in both body and spirit.

  • Soffio D' Polinesia (50 min)
    $1400.00 M.N

    We use coconut oil enriched with ylang-ylang to stimulate blood-flow and fill the room with an intense floral aroma that induces a deep feeling of calm and relaxation, allowing you to feel the inner balance return to your body.

  • Fusion Massage (80 min)
    $1950.00 M.N

    Hands healing power arises a mystery of real dimensions: sensation of wellness and pleasure through aromatherapy, that combines ancient healing techniques for body and soul like swedish, acupressure and lomi-lomi Massages. Feel beyond reality.