• Included in all our treatments.. (40-60 min)
  • A ritual to set you on the path to inner harmony.
  • Experience the magical revitalizing feeling of the water on your body during this guided hydrotherapy routine. The temperature changes provide contrast as you experience the ritualistic movements your body performs that bring it into harmony with your mind.


  • Swedish Massage (50 min)
    $1400.00 M.N

    Classic treatment that uses gentle muscle massage techniques paired with carefully chosen oils. A sudden sense of renewal will overtake your body as your circulation and flexibility return to their ideal states. This is the perfect treatment for those looking for relaxation that can be felt throughout the entire body.

  • Four-Hand Fusion (50 min)
    $2080.00 M.N

    The healing power of the hands is a practice that has been in use since the beginning of human civilization. In this treatment, two massage therapists perform various deep tissue techniques in perfect synchronization as you feel yourself sink into a truly sublime state of relaxation. The synergy of the two therapists working in unison elevates you to a level of spiritual relaxation that simply cannot be achieved with more traditional techniques.

  • Deep Tissue Massage (50 min)
    $1600.00 M.N

    Medium to strong pressure massage whose purpose is to decrease stress knots or contractures, to help reduce chronic fatigue and muscle pain.

  • Foot Reflexology (30 min)
    $850.00 M.N

    Start with a gentle exfoliation on the feet to finish sealing with a relaxing and deep massage with rosemary oil to revitalize the entire body

  • Fusion Massage (80 min)
    $1950.00 M.N

    Hands healing power arises a mystery of real dimensions: sensation of wellness and pleasure through aromatherapy, that combines ancient healing techniques for body and soul like swedish, acupressure and lomi-lomi Massages. Feel beyond reality.


  • Mayan Secret (80 min)
    $1950.00 M.N
  • Since the beginning of time, many cultures have used the power of stones for the purposes of healing and spiritual balance. The Mayans believed when water passed over stones, it filled them with energy and vitality. For this reason, we have created this unique treatment that combines the power of stones and essential oils native to the region. During the massage, the stones will restore the balance between your body's energy points, eliminating tension and reintroducing harmony to your entire body.


  • Agave scrub (30 min)
    $850.00 M.N

    After enjoying a magnificent day in the sun, replenish your skin's natural moisture using the hydrating properties found in Agave. This treatment calms, softens and helps rehydrate your skin while restoring its elasticity.

  • Choco-Coco Exfoliation (30 min)
    $850.00 M.N

    Spoil your body with this exotic scrub containing chocolate and mint, a magnificent scrub that will help to restore your skin's vitality and softness while stimulating blood-flow to boost energy.

  • Aqua Rest (80 min)
    $1950.00 M.N

    The treatment begins with a fresh exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and increases circulation. relax with an invigorating massage with coconut oil that in sure to renew your spirit.


  • Lift Perfection (80 min)
    $1800.00 M.N

    The best lifting treatment for your face, eye area, neck and neckline, resulting in a fresher looking and reinvigorated face.

  • Moisturizing Facial (50 min)
    $1400.00 M.N

    This facial treatment is ideal for dehydrated and dry skin. It moisturizes the skin and restores its natural elasticity, firmness and glow. The unique ingredients used in this facial bring skin back to life and make it healthy and radiant.

  • Mini facial (25 min)
    $910.00 M.N

    An ancient Greek philosopher once said, "From earth water is born, and from water, soul." This mini facial of Tuscan origin cleans and moisturizes your skin. The treatment will restore your skin's natural level of hydration, which will aid micro-circulation of the skin, giving it a smooth look and feel. Recommended before makeup application.

  • Agave Facial for men (50 min)
    $1400.00 M.N

    Natural skincare line that combines the most innovative ingredients with the Aztec ancestral knowledge of native herbalists. Using the extract of the AGAVE AZUL (tequilana weber) as its base ingredient with hydrating, antioxidant, moisturizing, softening and anti-aging qualities, the skin becomes renewed and protected.

  • Executive Facial (50 min)
    $1500.00 M.N

    Facial for gentleman that includes cleaning, exfoliation and masks, the application of hot compresses will facilitate that the pore opens to help in the deep cleaning. Special for mixed and oily skin.

  • Facial for Sensitive Skin (50 min)
    $1500.00 M.N

    This powerful treatment combines healing ingredients to reduce the appearance of dilated or blocked blood vessels in the face. It dramatically decreases irritation in the skin's surface through a process of complete desensitization. A light scrub is followed by a lymphatic massage and an application of green tea extract. The treatment uses relaxing ingredients that will work to calm naturally hypersensitive skin. Open your mind and body to the restorative properties of our treatments.


  • Personal training (40-60 min)
    $650 M.N
  • Reservation required.
  • Personalized workout session designed specifically to fit your needs, fitness level and goals. .